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About Us

We at Grans Goodness have taken up the baton of making India a healthier nation, and what better to do it than the “Dadi Maa k hath ka khana”. We all have had stories where our mothers and Grandmothers have tried to mask our absolutely favorite junk food with a healthier version of it.         

With Grans, the new age mothers and Grandmothers do not have to worry about masking the unhealthy food or tricking their kids anymore. Grans Goodness has come up with Healthy superfood Millet alternatives for all unhealthy/junk food without compromising your taste buds and health. All the products are formulated not only for your kids but also for the kid in you.

 Our Gran’s wants to introduce you to MILLETS

 For 5000 years, Indian farmers grew a variety of nutritional millets such as jowar, ragi, and more.

Millets are extremely nutritious, rich in antioxidants, helps control blood sugar, gluten-free, full of rich vitamins, proteins, and fiber, and are superfoods. India is known as the second-largest diabetes capital of the world and studies have proven that millets have helped in curbing diabetes, not only that millets have proven to combat various other lifestyle diseases

Apart from ample health benefits millets are not only the ancient food but also known as the food of the future as they require less water for cultivation, can be stored for years, and have a long shelf life as compared to the traditional rice and wheat.

 Post Green revolution Millets have been the forgotten grains of the country, however, with increased awareness on the magical food this gluten-free food can play a pivotal role in preventing and curing several health issues the adoption of millets in our daily consumption has become inevitable

 Now is the time for MILLETIZATION A.K.A millet revolution is here!

With the millet revolution, We aim to get the forgotten grain back to our daily diet

What role does GG play in this millet revolution?

 Gran’s Goodness is an up-and-coming, Made India, food venture that offers millet-based, healthy, and nutritious food to its health-conscious consumers- just like your granny would. Gran is bringing the very nourishing millet grain of our culture that we have lost into the future of food and aims to do away with all the unhealthy, harmful, and toxic junk food and replace them with healthy, nutritious millet-based alternatives.

Don’t worry, Gran knows how much you like your Pizzas, burgers, and cakes, and we have gluten-free millet-based Pizza base, millet-based pancakes, and various other super tasty millet-based alternatives that you can eat guilt-free and keep your gut happy.

 Have a fast-paced, busy lifestyle? Not a problem, Gran provides you with easy to cook, premixes that are ready to eat within minutes, and no comprises on health.

Rest assured, with Gran’s Goodness, all you get is gluten-free, vegan, protein & fiber-rich food made from high-quality grains with no preservatives- in short, Granny approved and made with love!

About Me

I am Nicole, a professional baker with over 10 years of experience

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What my students say about the courses

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